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Good day!

I am Charydel Cassandra S. Malintad, 21 years old, currently living in Davao City, Philippines, it’s a 3 hour land travel away from my hometown, Mati City. I am a young motivated individual who loves to explore the world and would like to try different things beyond my perspective.

I graduated last 29th of March 2014 with a degree in Bachelor of Arts Major in Mass Communication. During the span of my college years, I have worked in a production team, specifically, the Red Republic Productions of the 4th year Mass Communication students, which created the most highlighted events in the school (E.g. Foto Modelo Ateneo, Three Way Runway Edition, Gleetenista ’13, and etc.) In addition, I was also the Video and Promotions head of Gleetenista ’13.

My most recent professional position, as the Marketing Events Coordinator of Uraya Land Incorporated, Villa de Mercedes, gave me a great deal of experience about work. Working as Events Assistant gave me the knowledge on different marketing activities and brand enhancement.I was also in-charged with the social media strategy to market Villa de Mercedes to our prospective clients effectively.

Moreover, I am a writer and a photojournalist at Atenews, the official student publication of Ateneo de Davao University for two years. I have been so amazed and inspired of how wonderful a single-handed photo can be. Photography is a fascinating hobby that I would I want to venture more and it’s the closest to my heart. I love the meaning that it gives to people, it’s more than just a photo – it has life and it has a STORY.

I decided to come up with this blog to share my wonderful insights about life and everything. This blog is not limited for my personal space but for everyone who has the passion to share their creativity. This is also a venue to discuss and celebrate our God-given talents. Let us help and motivate our fellow dreamers because I believe that every person in this world deserves a chance to know oneself and to be known by others. We live to inspire and be inspired! Let go and be simply amazing!

You can send your photos/articles/artworks at charydel_malintad@yahoo.com. I am looking forward to be part of your journey! Aim high and dream big!

Feel free to check out my social networks as well. I maintain an active presence on each of my personal ones.


Your Fellow Dreamer,

Charydel Cassandra S. Malintad
Bewitching Heart Creator


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